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Ansh Intertrade specialises in provide Translation, Transcription and Subtitling text translations to Translation Companies.Knowledge of the demographics of the output are needed to give good results.

NATIVITY - Many people can translate, but local information and uses of terms becomes paramount. Eg. You can not write Bharat Dwar in Hindi for India Gate and its important to have localised information.

FONTS - Certain fonts are meant for internet uploads and do not work on Photoshop or Corel Draw. This knowledge is most important.

READER DEMOGRAPHICS - Knowledge of the reader like age is always best for giving good results in translation. In most translations, some words are best written in English rather than the local language. For advanced readers however precise translation is required.

DOMAIN EXPERTISE - It is natural that a translator who has knowledge in Medical Domain may not necessarily be able to handle Legal documents.

ACCURACY - In the case of print-worthy translations, a docment needs to be proofread by an alternate translator in order for it to become perfect.

Being a translation agency, we too face embarassment in certain projects due to -

VERY SHORT DEADLINES - Sometimes an existing translator responds late about not being able to take up the project. We have a database of 10,000 translators, yet sometimes face this problem.

CARELESS TRANSLATOR - Translators are sometimes in a hurry and miss a few lines. For this we check up the document to ensure that all paragraphs are matched

MAIN TRANSLATOR BUSY - Translators are freelancers and not totally dependent on one persons work. We have backups but it does happen at times.

TIME ZONE DELAYS - In order to ensure Nativity, we give most of our work to outside sources. Time zone sometimes poses a problem.

LARGE PROJECTS - DIVISION OF WORK - Normally we dont divide large projects to more than one translator. Grammar changes occur and the quality is always at risk.

At Ansh Intertrade we still find ourselves far ahead in our understanding the client needs, which is why we do about 100 different projects per day.